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Kentucky has some long-term issues and new opportunities that need new leadership to manage. Kentucky agriculture and its small family farms are the backbone of the Kentucky economy. We have some strong and growing commodities and some that are failing to provide the farmers of the commonwealth the financial returns necessary to help support the family farm.  As such, it is important that we recognize emerging trends and promote changes to make sure Kentucky farmers have the necessary support and opportunities to create value added products.
Hemp and medical cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry. Bill will implement changes and work to pass legislation, so Kentucky farmers can reposition themselves as the global leader in
quality hemp and medical cannabis products. These products are in high demand across the global economy due to their nutraceutical properties. This reemerging crop is a real opportunity to strengthen and rebuild many Kentucky farms.
Current leadership's stance has positioned other states ahead of Kentucky in the hemp industry.  This is a disaster for the state and its history. As a hemp farmer and leader in the hemp industry, as Commissioner of Agriculture, Bill will put his years of business and hemp experience to work so Kentucky farmers will have the support and opportunity for success. The long-term success of the Kentucky economy depends on them.

Consumer Protection

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture is a consumer protection agency, and as such, has responsibility for weight and measures. This includes ensuring safe transactions at gas pumps. As Commissioner, Bill will use his prior business experience to implement processes that not only ensure they are inspected regularly but also working in order to curb financial skimming crimes at the gas pump that consumers in the Commonwealth are being exposed to. 

Promote Kentucky Agriculture

From horses to hemp, cattle to corn, poultry to timber - the Commonwealth is home to a wide array of agricultural industries. It is important that we expand the opportunity to Kentucky farms of all sizes.  As Commissioner, Bill will use his prior business and agriculture background to promote Kentucky agriculture and its constituents.

Transparency of Department of Agriculture

Kentucky agriculture is the backbone of the Commonwealth economy; therefore, it is important that integrity exists in all processes.  As Commissioner, Bill will publicly audit the department and release all findings per state statues. 

Fight Government Overreach

We’ve seen unnecessary regulations hurt many industries here in the Commonwealth. Now regulations created in Kentucky are forcing crops and products to be destroyed. Bill can be counted on to work against unnecessary regulations and red tape that hurts Kentucky farms instead of protecting them.  

Hemp / Medical Cannabis

Bill Polyniak is proud to be one of the first Kentuckians to start cultivating hemp in 2014 - a cannabinoid research project he began due to the need within his own family - his youngest son, Colten.  Bill will use his years of business experience, as well as his hemp experience, to pass legislation that will allow Kentucky farmers to prosper in the emerging cannabis markets above other states. 

Cannabis is showing huge medical promises for those that are suffering from many untreatable ailments. For the family farm that could mean a new, much-needed, valuable crop.

Poor legislation and lack of direction has put the Commonwealth behind in the race for reestablishing this historic crop. Neighboring states quickly are capitalizing on the mistakes made by our current leadership. Our neighbors are removing red tape our current Ag Commissioner is busy creating.

As Commissioner, Bill will work to pass legislation that advances medical cannabis as well as establishes cannabis consumer protection. This legislation must also protect Kentucky farmers and their farms from government overreach. Doing so, will allow Kentucky farmers to have fair and equal opportunity to cultivate and create value added products that are in demand in a increasing market.

Committee to Elect Bill Polyniak
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